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Professional security and solutions delivered by trained security guards

If you’re looking to build a long-term relationship with a professional security company you can trust, you should talk to our security company today. Based in northwest of England, we’ve been providing a wide range of security services and solutions for clients throughout the UK for years.

Our highly experienced management team leads from the heart where the emphasis is on personal service and building solid partnerships with every client. With this in mind, we are happy to provide no-obligation advice at any time.  We appreciate how important security issues are for your company, so it’s vital we come up with the best solutions – together!

Birmingham Security Services provides a wide range of cost-effective Security Services for clients throughout the UK. Whether you need a single uniformed Security Guard to protect a single store, or a whole team of Security Guards for larger projects – you can rely on our Security Guards to deliver. That means a professional yet personal service provided by our fully-trained team of  experienced and professional Security Guards. It also means round-the-clock protection for all our clients.

Security guards you can count on

At the heart of our security services is a team of fully vetted licensed security guards.  The training they receive is second-to-none.  For you, as a Security client in Birmingham, that means you’re dealing with competent, experienced individuals who will work comfortably with your own management and security team.

In all cases, you will find our security guards to be friendly, polite and willing to go the extra mile to give you the protection and peace of mind you deserve.  That applies as much to your visitors and staff as it does to your site and buildings, equipment, plant and stock.

Our commitment to Security Service

Effective security requires a lot of co-ordinated action between everyone involved in the process – at your end, and ours!  In other words, ‘personal service’ is about having a strategy and then following through with the best possible ways to implement it.  From there, it’s important to monitor how effective and efficient the service is once it’s out there and operating ‘in the field’.

The acid test, of course, is how everything works when there’s a security incident of one type or another.  This is where the experience and expertise of our Security really counts.  Having anticipated a series of likely outcomes – not forgetting contingency planning for those less-than-likely scenarios – only proven, real-world experience can equip a security company to provide an optimal level of service.

Please remember, however: when you partner with our Security Services in Birmingham, we’ll take away the headache of co-ordinating the details of your security needs.  Your Account Manager will act as a single point of contact.  That means whenever you need to arrange specific or additional cover for things like promotional events or seasonal peaks, you’ll know exactly who to contact.